On October 5th I will arrive in Geneva.

For almost a year now the idea of moving to Geneva has been in the works. My beau applied for a job there; I thought, “Cool, he’ll be in Geneva.” He got the job in Geneva; I thought, “Cool, he’ll be in Geneva.”

After some very effective attempts to persuade me (or chantaje emocional, however you choose to look at it), I made up my mind that I would go, too.

I just graduated with a degree in International Studies – Geneva is where most international organizations are based, like (hello) the UN. I do not feel any sense of urgency to go back to school – Do I really have to? I don’t have any other set plans either – anything but go back home. Those are the practical reasons and they all make a lot of sense.

Now, the flight has been booked (even other flights to other places from and back to Geneva have been booked); job applications have been sent; ambassadors have been met (funny story); and new coats and boots have been bought (more on that here).

I am super excited to go but there is one particularly steep uphill road that I am currently climbing: that towards the perfect apartment. In reality, F (my beau), is climbing that hill all on his own, since he’s there now.

Someone please tell me why finding an apartment in Geneva is so difficult?! F has seen at least 15-20 apartments and applied for a handful of those and still no luck. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this will be the week! Otherwise, we’ll be living underneath a bridge, as my mom likes to say jokingly. Pont du Mont-Blanc? Looks cozy