F went to see an apartment yesterday, applied for it, and already they’re offering it to us! Is this all a dream?

Turns out the last apartment I posted about hasn’t been taken yet (they did, however, reject our application for another, larger apartment in the same building). F is going to give the go-ahead for this one and wait and see what happens with the other one. But, with this one we could have a washer in the apartment… Once he told me that I was sold (the bane of my existence in Chicago was having to take my huge laundry basket up and down the elevator to the basement to do laundry – no more of that!).

While the other apartment did have that amazing view but this one is all charm. Apparently it’s more spacious and just close enough to everything (stores, coffee shops – F always emphasizes the proximity to coffee shops, SMH). Nothing is set in stone just yet but this may be the one! The down/upside is that since they’re renovating the space (I know, boohoo), we won’t be able to move in until the 15th of October. That means my first 10 days in Geneva will be spent at a cozy BnB! That’s really a non-issue though.

See some of the apartment for yourself!