On our first Saturday night out F and I decided to take a walk through the city center in the hopes of finding a local bar or something of the sort.

After walking past many unlit (read: closed – on a Saturday night!) bars and restaurants, we came to Jonction and found a funky crowd standing outside of what is known as L’Usine (the factory, in English) and the small bar hidden inside, Le Zoo – futuristic buzz cut haircuts, black leather and way too much smoking of more than just tobacco thrived inside.

F turns to me and says, “I feel like I’m too well-dressed and smelling way to good to be here.” Too cute.

At Le Zoo, I ordered us some drinks at the bar in my best French and then we settled in a dark room with some instruments and sound equipment. Not long after, two girls took over the stage – Les Tracteurs (The Tractors). The drummer was a cute, blonde French girl; the singer/bass player rocked her short hair and a striped, skin-tight onesie leotard (similar to what wrestlers wear to their meets). Here’s a picture taken with my non-iPhone:


I turn to F and say, “The only thing I ask is that they don’t play heavy metal.” Raspy screaming characteristic of heavy metal ensues. F laughs. Surprisingly enough, their whiny screechiness grew on me after a while. The girl standing in front of us was wearing a Berghain shirt (Berghain is this great club that I had the pleasure of going to when I visited a good friend in Berlin; now she’s writing an ethnography on it!). I felt at home.

Le Zoo and L’Usine will definitely be seeing more of us. Apparently L’Usine is a hotspot for DJs. Check out the building during the day: