Last Sunday was a full day. After the whole adventure at the Jet D’Eau, F and I walked back to Jonction (where we had been the other night, at L’Usine) and saw a huge crowd both leaving and entering a large warehouse space on the river. We decided to go see what all the fuss was about and it turns out there was a chocolate expo going on – the International Exhibition for Chocolate Makers and Chocolate (Salon International des Chocolatiers et du Chocolat). As cocoa is my drug of you choice you can imagine how much I salivated at the thought of a giant room filled with different kinds of artisan chocolates from all over the world.

So we drank chocolate flavored wine and other liquors (white chocolate, yum), dipped square strawberry marshmallow popsicles into dark and milk chocolate fondue, and tried chocolate bon-bons such as Praline Lime – Almond praline with a zest of lime, made with chocolate from Madagascar – or Zanzibar – Lime and vanilla ganache, made with chocolate from Tanzania. I wish I could describe the rest! F got one that had a hint of basil inside that was exquisite. After a total chocolate overdose, we bought some more chocolates to give as gifts and some others to take home with us, which we devoured today. They lasted long enough!

Check out these works of art: