I’ve been caught up in the job/internship application process these past couple of weeks (hence the extended hiatus), but last Saturday was a breath of fresh air, thanks to the lovely winemakers of Peissy, located just outside of Geneva, and their wine tasting event for the celebration of St. Martin.

Apparently the people of Peissy have been producing wine since as far back as 912  – or so my wine glass turned souvenir says –  and the wine tasting that happens annually is actually a long-standing tradition, representing the end of the annual agricultural cycle, which ends on the day of St. Martin (or November 11).

Autumn is in full swing, so the colors of the leaves and the scenery on Saturday were absolutely breathtaking. Since Autumn in Miami is virtually non-existent and in Chicago it is essentially an undeclared winter without snow, being at Peissy made me feel so thankful.

In order to partake in the wine tasting, all you had to do was buy a glass of wine for just 12 CHF and then you could ‘taste’ as much wine as you wanted, from around noon until around 6:30, at which point the fireworks commenced. Needless to say, Geneva interns were all over the event – who can say no to an essentially bottomless glass of wine? I stuck to white wine the whole afternoon and the highlight of my tasting was this one variety of Sauvignon Blanc that was infused with lychee and other fruits, which was divine. Even the smell was enticing.

Some crêpes, roasted chestnuts, and homemade honey later, we made our way back home for a quick nap before going out to celebrate F’s cousin’s wife’s birthday – more melted cheese!