Over the course of the month or so that I’ve been in Geneva I’ve already come across two places that seem to be just a couple among many other Anglo ‘safe havens’, if you will, in the city – places worth mentioning and recommending to others that may be seeking them out.

The first I came across was Mr. Pickwick, conveniently located just off of the Butini stop on the 13 or 15 trams. It is the oldest English pub in Geneva and has all kinds of comfort food that would please not just Brits but Americans, too. The prices are also relatively affordable in comparison to other places in the city – 16 to about 19 francs for a burger, 22 for a double (but, trust me, one is enough!). Mr. Pickwick has two floors, each of which has its own bar but the bottom floor has cool decorations, like paintings of famous celebrities, such as the one and only John Lennon. Imagine that.

The second is The Clubhouse English Pub, a sports bar in Pâquis. The menu is pretty extensive and they offer these really appetizing breakfast options like the Full Clubhouse Breakfast, complete with sausages, bacon, eggs, mushrooms, fried tomato, baked beans, hash browns, and toast and butter. That’s what I call a breakfast of champions! It’s also a cool place if you’re into drinking and watching sports games – rugby included – on big screens while kicking back on big comfy couches.

I hope this is useful to someone! Thanksgiving is coming up and for those that don’t feel like cooking a feast, or don’t have anyone special to share it with, at least these will give you a small taste of home, wherever that may be.

Photo cred: mybiggeneva.com