F and I witnessed history in the making when we went to Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels Auction this past Wednesday.

F’s own research centers on diamonds and the goings-on in the trading room so this was an exciting experience for him. As he frantically jotted notes down in a small notebook I, too, became hyperaware of everything around me – the unlikely bidders, the buzz that rose from the back of the room when a particularly special jewel was up for sale, the silence that awaited the final drop of the auctioneer’s gavel and the laughter that would roar through the room at his silly jokes and comments. Thank you unknown benefactor, for leaving behind your fancy information booklet for us to steal away!

Watch as the Pink Dream (named Pink Star in the information booklet – was the name changed?) sells for a record 68 million CHF (about 74 million USD).

UPDATE: As of March 4th, 2014, Sotheby’s was forced to buy back the Pink Diamond after the buyer defaulted on the payment. The action house still holds the world record price for the diamond sale.