Salsa Dancing at Palladium

After the Chopin piano recital, F and I were not ready to turn in just yet and on our way back home, near Jonction, salsa music made its way to our ears as we were walking up to a building that had been teeming with drunken people the previous Saturday. I had originally planned to join some friends for a get-together but my little Cuban heart could not deny the opportunity to revel in some salsa.

The event was held at Palladium, a large dance hall with a stage where concerts and other dance events are sometimes held. After paying the entrance fee and stowing away our coats, we made our way to the bar for a caipirinha and a piña colada – a ching ching later we were on the dance floor!

I gave F a quick dance lesson that night. He catches on fast! Although, I was surprised to see so many skilled salsa dancers around. Who would’ve thought?

We’ll definitely be signing up for some salsa classes through the organization that hosted the event, Sabor Latino Salsa. It should be so fun!

I leave you with a quote that I couldn’t agree more with:

Music is so essential to the Cuban character that you can’t disentangle it from the history of the nation. The history of Cuban music is one of cultural collisions, of voluntary and forced migrations, of religions and revolutions.” – Ned Sublette.



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