F and I decided to check out Geneva’s botanical garden one Sunday a few weeks back. To my surprise, most of the plants are actually kept out in the open (I was envisioning a large greenhouse-like structure instead). Being that it was pretty chilly out, there was not much to see by way of blossoming flowers and, in fact, many of the different plants are currently covered by pine branches (To keep them warm? Pine coat, anyone?).


The Tropical and Temperate Greenhouses and the Winter Garden were the highlights of our visit. All three structures provided much-needed shelter from the frosty weather outside (but made my glasses fog up every time!) as well as a lovely selection of leafy greens, soothing streams, and a very amusing tropical soundtrack, complete with animal cries and insect buzzing.


The Tropical Greenhouse was bursting with color.

The Temperate Greenhouse had towering palm trees itching to break free and a diverse cactus collective.

The Winter Garden was full of the plants were spices like black pepper come from, but also this very furry plant:

I wanted to check out what they call the Living Wall but, unfortunately, we didn’t find much living there – just a sandy area with reclining beach chairs that would make you think you were actually somewhere warm, leaving so much to be desired.

I look forward to revisiting the garden in the spring or summer, when we can really take advantage of the large expanse of all things verdant, lush, and natural.