EasyJet was having a promotion while F and I were on break so we sat down diligently to book some much-needed getaways. At the end of this month we’ll be going to Nice for a weekend; in March we’ll spending another weekend in Lisbon to be with F’s father on his birthday; in April we’ll be going to Rome, right after Holy Week (Roaming because we want to!) and in June we’ll be going back to Lisbon to take part in F’s sister’s wedding, after which we will come back to Geneva and fly to Split, Croatia, where we’ll be spending a week lounging on the beach and doing whatever else one does in Croatia. I couldn’t feel more blessed or thankful.

Translation: Safe travels / Lisbon waits for you
Translation: Safe travels / Lisbon waits for you

As I was thinking about these five imminent trips, I realized how often I was on-the-go last year – I lived in Chicago the first half of the year (January to June); Boston in the summer (June to September); Miami for about a month(September – October); and Geneva for going on 4 months now (October – ?), and throughout that time I’ve had the opportunity to visit New York, D.C., Amherst, the south of France, the Swiss Alps, and Santiago de Compostela for the first time… It’s pretty mind-boggling.

Cheers to a year of safe travels and new adventures!

For last year’s words belong to last year’s language
And next year’s words await another voice.”
―  T.S. Eliot