Among our 12 joint new year’s resolutions, “join[ing] a gym and stick[ing] to it” weighs heavy on me – not for F though. Just the other day I went with him to check out a new gym that has opened up called NonStop Gym. Not only are they operating from a brand-new facility with an automated fingerprint recognition system at the door, the monthly fee (if you sign up for a year) is just 49 CHF and, as the name would suggest, the gym is open 24 hours.

I went with the intention of signing up for the year but there’s just something about working out in a gym that I can’t come to terms with – I prefer resistence training, working out in the open. Now if I could just coax myself out of our cozy apartment to go for a run… I definitely will once the weather is warmer (or so I always say).

F went for the first time at around 10 p.m. one night and said that when he arrived there were about 5 people in the gym, including him, and that by the time he left he was the only one there. Avoid gym rush hour and you’ll be just fine!

Meanwhile, I’ll be here, doing yoga…

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