After living for four years in Hyde Park (Chicago) where Thai food is actually quite readily available (four restaurants in 1.649 sq miles/4.27 km²) and after working in a Thai restaurant myself, I grew very fond of Thai food. Up until my recent attempt at making Pad Thai, the last time I had enjoyed a good plate of Thai food must have been sometime before June of last year.

That being said, when F and I were looking for a place to grab a bite in Plainpalais after our first salsa class we ended up at this small hidden gem: Baï Toey.

I can’t say that I know what the name means in Thai but I do remember one of the Thai waitresses that I used to work with being affectionately called Toey by others so I figured it had to be a good sign. The seating space is small but rather than feeling cramped it actually feels quite cozy. I think the warm, inviting decorations has something to do with it: a series of large tulip stickers on the left wall and a long mirror reflecting them on the opposite side of the room. The service was also great – attentive but not intrusive.

Tulips and Thai food - you can't go wrong.
Tulips and Thai food – you can’t go wrong.

F decided to order a red curry and duck dish (he really can’t get enough of curry) and I ordered one of my all-time favorite noodle dishes: Pad Woon Sen with Pork (it was spelled differently on the menu, as usually happens with transliterations, but I recognized it right away). The noodles used in Pad Woon Sen are these thin, almost transparent rice noodles.

If you’re in the area and want an adequately priced, quality Thai meal then I would definitely recommend Baï Toey.

*Aroi mak!

*[Very] delicious!

Update (2018): This resto is still around but they’ve remodeled! Less tulips, more buddhas.