The title of this post is an ode to a special games store that I came across last summer when I was living in Cambridge, Massachusetts. For kids and adult boardgame-lovers alike, The Games People Play is stocked with any game you could imagine, including some great ones you can’t get at your regular Toys R’ Us like the Ticket to Ride series, Catan, and Dixit.

When F’s parents were in town – and precisely because they love board games so much – F and I ventured into a similar store in the heart of Plainpalais. While Cambridge’s The Games People Play has a very family-friendly feel, Xenomorphe Jeux, the game store here in Geneva, has a much more intense gamer store feel (others like GameStop come to mind), a store gamers gravitate towards and where you’ll often find them discussing game secrets and the novelties of the gaming world.

The guy behind the counter advised us on a game that he said was similar to the Ticket to Ride games, giving us the low-down on the its specifications, but we were already set on an award-winning game called 7 Wonders. Since it allows for more than 4 people to play at once and, according to the box top, can be played in just 30 minutes, we decided that it was the better option. After much confusion (so frustration), and after sitting and reading the directions painstakingly, F’s mom figured out how to play and so we did.

My only criticism of the game is its poorly written instructions, but if you’re looking for a family-friendly, after-dinner ritual to relax a bit then 7 Wonders is a fine option. Xenomorphe Jeux is pretty cool too, save for that horribly expensive and insulting Cuba Libre game they have in stock, where you can play as Fidel and Che, when they took the Sierra Maestra and made their way to Cuba to declare the triump of the revolution (*gag* – again, I had to. Why is every bad imitation of anything Cuban named Cuba Libre? A little creativity, anyone?).

If you’re in the Geneva area and have an itch to play a board game, or any other type of game for that matter, then head over to Xenomorphe Jeux – and if you find yourself in Cambridge, check out The Games People Play!

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