When I moved to Geneva, I thought I may have to put my love affair with Peruvian food on hold –  but luckily, I was wrong! Geneva is actually teeming with South Americans (see my post on the Sabor Latino shop in my neighborhood). Even my French teacher is Peruvian! She’s been living in Geneva for the past thirteen years and is an absolute riot – she definitely makes learning French more fun.

A while back, we had a going away thing for one of the students in our class who is moving to Australia (lucky him!) and our French teacher took us to her choice for Peruvian food in Geneva, Le Green Café in Plainpalais. Just a short walk from the Uni-Mail stop on the 15 tram and about two blocks down from the University of Geneva’s campus (on the street to the right side if you’re facing the main entrance), Le Green Café is easy to find and has a warm and inviting atmosphere with its bamboo furniture, stone-encrusted walls and dimmed lighting (you can find more restaurant photos here).

I’ve already been to Le Green Café on two separate occasions and each time we’ve ordered the Jalea – a medley of fried seafood and yuca fries, accompanied with a small salad and tartar and hot sauce. I highly recommend this as a starter to everyone (unless you’re allergic to seafood, of course!). For the main course, there are endless options but you do find the key Peruvian staples like Lomo Saltado and Ceviche, among others. The portions are generous and I have yet to try something that wasn’t seasoned deliciously.

You can find pictures of all the different plates here but I have a few of my own for you to see – check them out!

photo 3

photo 2

photo 1