F’s cousin is always scooping us up in his Mini Cooper and taking us to cool places in the area (like La Buvette, the Mont Blanc – the list goes on and on). On Easter Weekend (yes, way back then), we ventured over the border and into France, yet again, to visit Yvoire, the self-proclaimed “Medieval City.”

I wasn't kidding!
I wasn’t kidding!

During the 14th century, Yvoire gained strategic military importance due to its location between France and northern Italy, and for also being on the shores of the Lake Leman (or Lake Geneva). Today, many of its historic fortified structures still stand tall and are juxtaposed with the beautiful flowers that grow there, too.

F smelling the flowers.
F smelling the flowers on one of Yvoire’s streets.

F, his cousin Pedro, Ashlynn (a friend of mine that was visiting that weekend) and I had a delicious lunch at a local favorite: La Crêperie d’Yvoire. La Crêperie is cool because where the crêpes are actually made is located outside of the restaurant itself, so whether or not you’re in the mood for a crêpe you can watch along as they are made. I’m not sure how long the crepe maker has been working there but his crêpes were exquisite – a bit more cooked on the outside, creating a kind of shell, and very soft on the inside.

The crêpe-making station is to the left, where the little boys are seen patiently waiting.
Don't they look excited? :P
Pedro and F: Don’t they look excited? 😛
Meet Salty
& Sweet
& Sweet

Just outside of the crêperie was a woman with a stand selling various homemade spiced breads, which were very inviting. Still, F and Ashlynn opted for ice cream at the shop on the corner and we decided to continue walking through the city. We passed a house built in the 17th century, and as we made our way back out, we also came across the beautiful flowers Yvoire is known for.

Ashlynn (right) and me (left).
Ashlynn (right) and me (left) – and the flowers!

Before heading back to the Geneva, we walked along a path that led us to Yvoire’s shores, where you can really see the sturdy walls that protected the city for centuries.





If you want to get out of Geneva for a bit (sometimes Geneva can be too small), but you don’t want to venture out too far, Yvoire makes for an enjoyable half-day trip, and is 40 minutes away from Geneva by car (at most).