The red line marks the area of the Allondon. Source:
The red line marks the area of the Allondon.

If you consider yourself an outdoorsy, nature person, then the the Allondon is the place for you. That’s not to say that I’m not that kind of person but my experience outside is always marred by an unexpected attack by a vicious army of mosquitos!

Luckily, that was not the case the day we went to the Allondon – and there’s so much to see! There are trails to walk, hikes to embark on, fish to catch – and so on and so forth. For more information on what the Allondon has to offer, see the official website and this promotional document.

F, Pedro, Zi and I went to the Allondon the same day we visited the facilities at CERN to see the CMS experiment. It is located right outside of Geneva, and actually very close to Peissy, the area where we had our first wine tasting in the area last year. You can reach the Allondon by train or by rental car, if you don’t already have your own.

Pedro and Zi brought their grill along and we had ourselves a very pleasant BBQ session right by a small, peaceful stream. I leave you with some photos.

Floating cotton above us.
F, our funny neighbors and me.
Our picnic-like setup.
Simply Pedro.
The stream directly in front of us.
Soaking up the sun 🙂
This little butterfly was in love with my purple flip-flops and nail polish!