I have so much love for the Brasserie. The first time I ever went there was to have dinner and drinks to celebrate one of F’s colleague’s birthdays. On that same occasion, I happened to have my first steak tartare. Just like when we were in Nice and I accidentally ordered kidneys for dinner, tartare was yet another French ordering faux pas – but I got through it and, more importantly, it didn’t detract from all that the Brasserie has to offer: its great location (in Jonction – close to home – and on the river) and the lovely ambiance created by its sultry music, lighting, and modern decor.

When F’s parents came to visit earlier this year, we took them there for a delicious lunch and sealed it with a moelleux sent right down from a Chili’s dessert fan heaven – so much melted, fudgy goodness contrasted with the cool, light flavor of vanilla ice cream. After learning the name in French for chocolate molten cake and perusing through the aisles at the local Migros, I found a moelleux mix (FYI, all of my fellow lazy bakers)!

Just recently I met up with a friend at the Brasserie for a salsa night hosted by my new salsa school, Salsa Geneva, and – needless to say – it was another great night. I’ve been to some farewells there (luckily they’re not all definitive farewells and some friends do return) but when I passed by last night, it was simply to be with friends – no food, no dancing; just a little drinking. The Brasserie seldom disappoints.

photo (2)
What I saw last night as I walked in.