F and I finally made our way to Na Village, one of the, if not the most, coveted Thai restaurants in Geneva. Na Village happens to be just two bus stops away from our house and yet it’s always been shrouded in mystery.

At a glance, Na Village could be mistaken for  a Thai temple. The two large wooden doors at the entrance are usually closed – only adding to its mysterious allure – but, if you’re lucky, you may find them slightly opened and sneak a peak of its lush, paradise-like gardens, complete with tropical plants, wooden gazebos and tables, and arched footbridges. The inside of the restaurant, although mostly used as a shelter from harsh weather the waiter informed us, is just as dazzling. As you walk in, you notice that it is a two-story structure, lined in a luscious dark wood, topped off with a depiction of what I presume are two Thai gods engraved in stone at the restaurant’s center.

See the stone gods in the background?
See the stone gods getting cozy with one another in the background?

After munching on an assortment of appetizers, F ordered his usual curry and, since I love noodles, I opted for their Pad Thai. At any Thai restaurant, I normally order a Pad Woon Sen, which comes with thin rice noodles, or a Pad See Ew, which comes with thicker noodles but – and this is my only criticism of Na Village – they have a very limited noodle selection (only Pad Thai!). I haven’t been to Bangkok (yet) but I have worked alongside two Thai ladies in the past and they loved their noodles!

Nonetheless, when the food came we were very pleased. Unfortunately, my phone ran out of battery before I was able to take photos but take my word for it: not only did the food taste amazing, it was presented beautifully, too.

Only one word of caution: Watch out for the unidentified brown spice they provide you with on the side – it has the power of 1,000 scorching peppers combined!

And yes, the service was great, too. Admittedly inebriated, our waiter was one of those people that speaks 10+ different languages and is eager to accommodate you in any of them.

And did I mention the complimentary entertainment? Every 15-20 minutes, two young Thai girls came up on the stage in front of the stone gods, dressed in these intricately adorned garments, and danced to traditional Thai music. Their dances involved a mixture of graceful tip-toeing, delicate hand movements, and unwavering sweet smiles.

I couldn’t help but smile either.

Practical Information

Na Village has two different locations but the one we went to, in Saint-Jean, is located at the following address, just off of the Délices stop if you take either the 7, 9, or 11 bus:

57, Rue de Saint-Jean

1203 Genève

+41 22 344 44 40

Na Village is yet another great Thai restaurant in the area. I highly recommend it for the food and the unparalleled ambiance – go and get your own taste of Bangkok in Geneva!