GIA (the Geneva Interns Association) has built ties with local bars and thus organize intern drink nights at one of these bars every Thursday – with drink specials! You would find these drinks to be ‘cheap’, for Swiss standards. I haven’t been to every bar yet but I feel like I’ve been to enough to offer some insight. I’ll update this list as I check out new bars.

The GIA Drinks (as we call them) are a really great opportunity to meet people, not just interns but also students in the area and other locals. Break out of your shell and go grab a drink!

Barrios Latino (Avenue Henri-Dunant 9)

This is hands down my favorite of the bars that host intern drinks. I admit that I’m a bit biased towards it because I love Latin music – salsa, bachata, bring it on! The first time I walked up to Barrios Latino, I was a bit turned off by this duo of tacky cheetah statues that they have outside. The moment I walked in though, I had a change of heart. The space is inviting, has a large bar, some tables and chairs to sit and talk if that’s what you prefer, and a large dance floor. What more could a girl ask for?

Bar de la Plage (Boulevard Carl-Vogt 44)

Bar de la Plage definitely feels fratty – there’s something about the Hawaiian decorations that take me back to those terrible college parties where people preferred chugging beer to dancing. Still, it does have many redeeming qualities: throw a die when you order a beer and – possibly – pay 1 CHF for it! If you’re not the luckiest, you may end up paying 6 rather than the standard 4 but you gotta take risks! They always have a small trivia moment and give out silly prizes. The last time I was there, I won a Velho Barreiro tank top for answering the following question correctly: What book is George Orwell most known for? 1984, of course!

Seven Bar (Rue de Chantepoulet 1-3)

My first thought when I went to Seven Bar was: Modern Flintstones Establishment. It is quite literally a whole in a [concrete-like] wall. The night I was there they had a decent sangria for 5 CHF. Not too shabby!

Café Bizarre (Rue du Temple 5)

I was at Café Bizarre the last night before it was set to close for remodeling. At the time, the outside part of the bar was its saving grace, as it gave people the space needed to drink and mingle without feeling overcrowded, as one did on the inside. Good thing they decided to remodel, no? They should be open and back in business in November.

Find out where the GIA drinks are being held this week and get updates on other events on the GIA Facebook Page.

Definitely wearing this the next time I head to Bar de la Plage.
I’m definitely wearing this the next time I head to Bar de la Plage.