Kerstin, a friend from Zurich that’s also at UNHCR, invited us all out to see Geneva play versus Lausanne last night. She actually didn’t end up going (last-minute change of plans) but we had so much fun! I’m so glad she organized the outing and got us all pumped up for it. It was my first time at an ice hockey match and I have to say that it was equal parts exciting, violent, and totally fun.

It brought be back to those football game days in high school when our entire school would come out and cheer for our team, whether they were any good or not. The ice rink was  packed with people! Who would’ve thought that hockey was so big in Geneva? On both sides there was a ‘fans section’ full of people holding up banners and flags, doing coordinated chants and dances and Geneva has its very own cheerleaders present, too – really spirited! Did I mention that their bird-mascots are called Calvin and Calvina?

The game was held at the Patinoire des Vernets, just off of Jonction and west of Plainpalais. The bridge that connects the stadium to Plainpalais (Pont Hans-Wilsdorf) is absolutely beautiful! I’m glad I rode my bike there.

Even though Geneva lost in the last few minutes, 3 to 2, it didn’t mar our experience. Here are some photos!

Game on!
Blurry but lovin' the crew.
Blurry but lovin’ the crew.
Pont Hans-Wilsdorf - my absolute favorite.
Pont Hans-Wilsdorf – my absolute favorite.