On Tuesday we saw Portuguese guitarists Norberto Lobo and Filipe Felizardo at Cave12. Cave12 is located in Servette and is quite literally an ‘underground’ establishment. To get there you have to walk up to what I believe is a school and if you look down into the wall lining a ramp that seems to lead to a parking lot, you’ll see the discrete sign in black: Cave12. The crowd it attracts is of the alternative persuasion, the place is strategically dimmed and they even had old CDs and records for sale.

Lobo and Felizardo’s musical style is described as post bossa/fado to ghost blues – whatever that means. To me it was the juxtaposition of the soft, melodic guitar interspersed between rougher, electrically aided bursts of clarity. I felt that Lobo was particularly impressive but they both seemed like great guys, with Felizardo speaking his best French for the mostly francophone crowd.


Cave12 is also hosting an electro music night today as part of the Monstrefestival this weekend, if you’re interested.