Carouge is probably the neighborhood we’ve explored the least but is pretty cool by everyone’s accounts. It was founded by an Italian and used to be the place where “Protestant” Genevans would go for their periodic dose of debauchery. Today it’s also the place where we sometimes go for a satisfying brunch on Sundays, the closest thing we can find around to an American brunch – pancake(s) included! I recommend the following two places:


It is just as tempting in real life.

We went to the Wolfisberg just last week for the first time. They have lots of menu options. My only complaint is the excess of bread you’re giving in comparison to the meat and other more substantive foods like egg and sausage (I know they’re also a boulangerie but…). We were given so much bread that we had to take some home with us. The pain au chocolat did make for a sweet breakfast the next morning, though.

If you go with at least one other person, order one of Le Brunch du Temple and another of Le Brunch Continental so you can get the best of both worlds.

Ô Calme

Look at that perfect pancake!

Despite having recently been to Wolfisberg, I have to admit that Ô Calme remains my favorite. Breakfast is pricey but sumptuous. They take reservations during the week but never on the weekends – with reason! On Sundays the place is jam-packed with people so you’re sure to wait – it’s worth it though. I go for the La Formule Brunch: Toast, jam, coffee, juice, pancakes, syrup, eggs, and bircher muesli (oatmeal-like cereal). Yummy!