New Year, New Plants

Last year, F and I planted a series of herbs but they all died so this year, F started off fully determined to breathe new life to our other plants that somehow survived, more herbs and even some strawberries and tomatoes!

This was a true DIY project. We went to IKEA looking to buy a pot stand and while we did get various small and very cheap plastic pots, we didn’t buy the conventional stand that you have to drill into or set up against a wall. We didn’t buy a pot stand at all, actually. F picked up two wooden contraptions that were strewn on the ground next to the bike parking in front of the IKEA and made that his own pot stand, after some diligent sanding.

Although he skillfully  balanced all of the pots on the stand but our ‘wall garden’ is still hanging on for dear life. I keep forgetting to buy white tack…

Plant babies.

Plant babies.

DIY Wall Garden

Red plastic pots (IKEA): o.98 CHF

Pot stand: Priceless


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