“Amazing chicken” was all I ever heard when people talked to me about Chez Ma Cousine. Well, now I can attest to this Genevan urban legend. And it’s cheap! Relatively speaking, of course.

Almost nowhere can you find a 15 CHF dinner (15.40 to be exact) that is worth your time and money in Geneva. Yet, Chez Ma Cousine is just that. The chicken is supremely seasoned and roasted, the steak fries remind me of something you’d get at a trashy but delicious American mom-and-pop kind of place, and the decor is adorable! It feels like you’re at a good friend’s grandmother’s house who is obsessed with chickens and therefore over-decorates her kitchen with all the chicken paraphernalia she can get her hands on.

All that glistens is gold.
The aerial view.
You get to draw your own cousin! 😛

We went to the Chez Ma Cousine near Gare Cornavin, on Rue Lissignol, but there are two other locations in Geneva, plus one in Lausanne. I’m curious to know how those are – anyone care to share their experiences? The original Chez Ma Cousine opened in the Old Town 17 years ago!