All of my life I have been so spoiled, especially the four years I spent in Chicago. Anywhere I went I could drown my sorrows in a burrito, find comfort in cheesy Tex-Mex creations, or turn the corner to find freshly made, warm corn tortillas and authentic Mexican food.

I’ve had a few places on my list of ‘restaurants to visit’ for some time but at the end of the day, I ask myself: Do I want to waste 20+ CHF today on food I won’t like? Not really.

However, my boss, on a lunchtime shopping trip to Balexert (one of the bigger malls in Geneva), showed me Fiesta Mexicana last year. It wasn’t so much the decor as the familiar smell of tortillas and salsa that intrigued me so F and I went there a few days ago.

See what I mean about the decor? Someone hand the owner a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Overall, the menu is completely “Frenchified”, with dishes that you would never find in an actual Mexican restaurant but it’s saving grace is none other than the burrito.

Behold the lamb burrito that I had. Refried beans: check; tomato salsa: check-ish; guac: check-ish; Spanish rice: not Mexican – but still a decent meal and attempt at Mexican food (relatively speaking).

The flavors were there but the tortilla was so thick! It felt like I was eating one of those Cheesy Gordita Crunchs from Taco Bell – except no cheese and no crunch, just dough. No, wait. It felt like more like eating this SNL taco:

Most Swiss people probably don’t know any better but I’m on to you Fiesta Mexicana…