Bars & Restos / Geneva

Wasabi: Fast Swiss Sushi

When the going gets tough, the tough calls for sushi! There’s no better pick-me-up. After my umpteenth visit to the eye doctor at Balexert, and since F was away (and hates sushi so we never eat it), I took advantage of the Wasabi Sushi Bar conveniently located in the shopping mall.

The menu featured a few varieties of California rolls and other exotic combinations of all things fresh and delicious. I decided to go for a more plain California roll, made with cucumber and avocado, and another roll containing salmon and, yes, (more) avocado.

What drew me in at first was this huge display fridge that has ready-made boxes of sushi. Although I had them make my rolls on the spot, it looked so inviting!

The bait.

The bait.

The two rolls.

The two rolls.

I was very pleasantly surprised to find mini soy sauce bottles in my take away bag. My first thought was, how fancy! In the U.S. you only ever get the small packages that resemble the ketchup ones. But, as it turns out, they like fun-shaped plastic bottles in Norway too. I had some sushi at the airport in Oslo a few days later and their soy sauce was packaged in a small fish-shaped bottle!

Adorable little bottles! The second one is still in the fridge.

Adorable little bottles! The second one is still in the fridge.



I would definitely go back to Wasabi Sushi for a quick fix but I still crave good, quality sushi.


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