Le Phare (literally, The Lighthouse) is conveniently located right next to the Chez Ma Cousine that we went to a few weeks back so naturally we ended up there after our chicken feast.

It definitely has its own flavor and stands out from the rest of the businesses on the block, with it’s vibrant shutters, inviting outdoor seating and mysterious facade. The night we were there just happened to be the warmest night Geneva has had in a while. The days preceding it and those that came after called for my strongest down jacket. Yet, that night all I wore was a leather jacket over my clothes. It also helped that they had fleece blankets conveniently placed outside on the benches (how sweet!).

Blue, orange and magenta shutters :)
Blue, orange and magenta shutters 🙂

I noticed that night that a certain kind of crowd liked to hang out there and now, looking at their Facebook page, I see my suspicions confirmed: Le Phare is a café-bar for gays.



The ceiling on the inside is lined with inflated condoms – perhaps to act as a reminder to some?

We had a lovely drink and then went straight home to fall into our respective food comas but I look forward to going back there when it’s warmer for another drink and interesting company.