Bars & Restos / Geneva

Happiness Condensed in a Gelato Cone

The last time I was on Rue de la Navigation (Pâquis), I passed by Manu gelato shop and there was a line that went outside and almost down the entire block. Ice cream (and by extension gelato) is not my thing but I figured, Hey, something special is going on there.

Spring made its debut in Geneva a few days back so F and I decided to take a walk from work and through Pâquis on our way home.

“Let’s go to that ice cream shop,” he said.

“Okay…” I answered, not too excitedly (F is the ice cream and gelato buff; I’m too busy working on my bikini body).

So we go to Manu and the place is lined with awards for Best Swiss Gelato, among others.

So you know what to look for when you go there.

I choose ricotta and fig and F chooses Oreo. We pay for the double scoop cone, walk out and take the first plunging lick-bite: and it was absolute perfection.

The Oreo scoop was uncharacteristically chocolately – usually it’ll look like vanilla ice cream with small hints of Oreo cookies – which made me a bit nervous. I love all things chocolate but am not a fan of chocolate ice cream or gelato. I can’t stand that watered down chocolate taste! Give me the real stuff.

This was other-worldly, so incredibly creamy and delicious – don’t even get me started on the ricotta and fig scoop.

Before we attacked.

Before we attacked.

Do it now, just go – run and grab yourself a gelato cone because it’s unfair that I’ve had one and you haven’t yet. There goes my bikini body…



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