The cute flyer that I found in my mailbox a few weeks back got me and today F’s cousin and I showed up to see what the fuss was all about. The exhibition was held in the old cargo halls of the Morges train station. On the inside were rows of furniture and retro trinkets left and right. We didn’t buy anything at this full-priced ‘flea market’ but we had fun looking around, marveling at strange things (like 1920s toasters) and suffering over others (like the really cute vintage YSL Mondrian dress I saw in the second-hand clothes section). This year was supposed to be a special ‘Brazilian Edition’; I’m still not sure what was so Brazilian about it – save for a few objects wrapped in palm tree prints – but I recommend it (next year’s event, whenever it takes place) for furniture and design lovers alike. I leave you with some photos from the exhibition.