Need to eat at some ungodly hour in which no Swiss restaurant would be open to serve you (in Nyon)? Head to Le Débarcadère, where the kitchen is open 24 hours, located in the heart of what I think is the little city’s downtown and just a few meters from the lake. I had a delicious Caesar salad there yesterday with F’s cousin after going to Les Puces du Design (literally the Fleas of Design, lol, more accurately translated as the Design Flea Market) and we topped it off with a Molotov.

No, not the explosive kind (well, maybe for some?). I am referring to none other than the egg white flan, one of many fluffy Portuguese desserts. Now, why would we find a Molotov in a Swiss restaurant in Nyon? Because it seems to be owned and is fully operated by Portuguese people. One can safely walk into a Portuguese restaurant in Switzerland and know that you’ll get no-nonsense, good food. Le Débarcadère certainly fit the bill.


For Portuguese speakers interested in the reason behind this dessert’s Russian name, see here.