I’ve been all over Geneva recently in attempts to try to find a place to cool down near the lake so here are my two cents on where it’s best (and not so good) to go for fun in the sun (and the lake):

Wake Sport Center


I had heard great things about the Wake Sport Center before going there so I have to admit I was a bit disappointed: I’m sure it’s awesome if you’re a wakeboarder (also annoying because of all of the non-wakeboarders taking up space) but there is no sand, only pebbles that hurt your feet, lots of people because it’s in vogue now and they don’t take cards at the bar (blasphemy).

UN Plage


UN Plage is only accessible to those who have a UN badge and their friends and family so if you didn’t already have a diplomat/humanitarian friend you better go make one! You pay 2 CHF in the afternoons and I think 6 CHF for a full day but because of its relatively ‘exclusive’ nature, it is usually less crowded than other beaches in Geneva. Inside you’ll find a restaurant and you can also rent paddle boards to go out into the lake.

Préverenges (Morges)


This is hands down the best lake beach I have ever been to in Switzerland. After taking the train to Morges, you simply take a bus down to the Préverenges stop and walk downhill until you reach the sandy shores. There are plenty of places to eat all around and fun water apparatuses to rent out. I’m not kidding when I say it’s worth the 30+ minute train and bus ride.

Piscine at Colovray, Nyon

FullSizeRender (3)

This is a fun alternative to the lake beach, although you can also go for a dip in the lake if you want to. There two pools: one that is more kid-centered, with sprinklers, a lazy pool with raining umbrellas and tubes of gushing water. The other pool is half for real swimmers who enjoy doing multiple laps but there is also a general unmarked area for chill swimmers and those who like to dive… over and over again. The entrance fee not too expensive (7 CHF for the full day).

If you know of other good beaches, water parks, etc., comment below with more information. I hope this helps!