UNHCR, its sister UN agencies, and its partners celebrate World Refugee Day on June 20 every year. Yet, every day it is our job to remember who it is we’re working to serve and help. I think that when working at Headquarters, there’s a greater risk of losing sight of this greater purpose. We need to advocate on refugees’ behalf but we need to remember how capable they are and how they should also be active agents of change for themselves and their communities. Most importantly, we need to support them in doing this.

When I need some inspiration to fight back all of the work stresses, I think of this amazing video made by a group of 40+ refugees living in Brazil or of the noble Butterflies, helping their fellow women in Colombia. It was such an honor to see them at this past year’s Nansen Refugee Award Ceremony.

An apple a day keeps who away?
The lunch crew prepared these branded UNHCR apples and fruit juices to give away to staff. I’m still wondering how they were able to carve out the logo so perfectly…