Yes, such a thing exists! Scratch my post about Wasabi Sushi. You should only resort to that when absolutely pressed for time and otherwise not at all.

What I loved most about Uchitomi is that you can find all sorts of Japanese goodies there (not just sushi) – like edamame! I can’t tell you how far and wide my good friend Telma and I searched for those delicious soybean pods.

When you go you can shop for a few things, grab your sushi on the way, and pay for everything at the register at the same time. Then you can sit down at one of their low tables and little chairs. Kawaii!

Post-sushi. Happy ladies and maneki-neko!


Uchitomi is conveniently located, too. Get off of the Butini stop, on the Tram 15, and instead of going for a drink at Pickwick’s, head in the opposite direction. Walk into the block directly in front of you and turn slightly to the left. You’ll see a halal shop across the street (more on that later; also a gem!) and then Uchitomi to its left.