I can’t remember the name of this place but if you go to Uchitomi and enter the establishment directly to its right, the one with the large HALAL sign, you’ll find this hidden but delicious market/restaurant. You can get a filling plate of North African-spiced meats (merguez, kifta, lamb, entrails, etc.), a fresh salad, fries and bread for just under 20 CHF – and on Fridays they make couscous (I haven’t vetted that yet, but I will!). Best of all, if you’ve ever spent an extended amount of time in North Africa, you’ll find all sorts of homemade and shipped goodies you can’t find in regular supermarkets; case in point: rghaif or msemen (in Morocco) – a delicious maghrebi flatbread. I have a feeling the owners are Tunisian but it’s so yummy. Head there for your next lunch break. You won’t regret having those fresh grilled meats.