After visiting my favorite place in all of Geneva again on Sunday (a typical part of our Sundays actually), I realized that I had never written a blog post about it – how can that be? It’s probably because I’m never satisfied with the photos that I take of it. It is a beautiful communal space and a best-kept secret in our neighborhood!

In between the St-Georges Cemetery (another beauty) and the bridge that overlooks the Arve, the Rhône, and Jonction is this marvelous “urban zoo”, where you can find all sorts of creatures and critters (goats, birds, ponies, sheep, donkeys, peacocks, ducks, bunnies, turkeys, cows! and more), all surrounded by layers of green foliage and flowing streams. Next to the park is a café in case you get hungry or thirsty and a communal garden (with a 7-year waiting list!). The surrounding area, atop a hill that you have to climb through a winding path (if coming from the bridge) is full of other paths that you can follow and explore. Just this weekend we discovered a huge lawn area.

I love this place because of the animals (last time we witnessed a turkey-hen standoff) but also because it’s just so thoughtfully done, an urban planning masterpiece. Best of all, it’s a 5-minute walk from home. Put on your walking shoes and get exploring!