I came across a neat little guide the other day completely by chance, put together by an organizatoin called CAR (Coordination Accueil & Renseignements).Their focus is on welcoming youth to Geneva and helping them find housing; the organization was once named ‘Welcome and Housing Group for Youth in Geneva’ (Groupe de Coordination pour l’Accueil et l’Hebergement des Jeunes a Geneve, CAHJ).

The guide is in the form of a brochure and gives tips on:

  • Camping spots in Switzerland and France
  • Rural bed and breakfasts
  • Dorms and other accommodations
  • Budget hotels

On the back side you’ll also find information about:

  • Beaches, swimming pools, saunas and public baths
  • Bike and boat rentals and rides
  • Coffee shops, bars, museums, restaurants
  • Festivals, markets, etc.

You can download the guide online in PDF form here.

I hope this is useful to anyone, not just youth, moving to Geneva! I’ve been here for 2+ years now and this brochure has shown me of just how much I have left to explore.

It seems that CAR is somehow affiliated with La Decadanse too, the cultural information site on music, theater and other events going on in the city.