I think Saint-Jean-Charmilles is one of the most underrated neighborhoods in Geneva – and I’m not saying that just because I live there. It’s smallness is an asset, allowing its inhabitants to enjoy a greater sense of community than if they lived in, say, Pâquis.

Saint-Jean, like other great neighborhoods and communities, garners its strength from the way it honors its history. Last December, a series of photo installations were put up all over the neighborhood, recalling its more formative years, what was there then (or not) versus what stands there now.

F and I went around the neighborhood one Sunday afternoon, on a quest to find and document every photo installation, but two eluded us and my phone ran out of battery after just four installations. Still, I thought what we were able to document was worth sharing.

My favorite installations are those which showed photos from when the yellow primary school was built and those which show the old streets and people of Saint-Jean. Enjoy!

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