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Le Fix: Scrumptious Soup and Quinoa Salad Haven

Finding cheap, good food in the Nations area is not easy. If I forget to bring food from home for lunch, I usually opt for one of three options:

  1. Coop Restaurant (cheap food charged based on the size of your plate, from 6.95 to 12.95 CHF),
  2. Salsabeel (Indian/Pakistani fare with 12 CHF lunch specials), or
  3. When I need a warm soup and a satisfying salad, Le Fix (16 CHF plus).

It took a while for Le Fix to grow on me because it’s the kind of place that if you show up at 12:45, they’ll be sold out of almost everything (which, of course is annoying if you’re the late one!). I started going earlier with a friend, at around 12:20 to beat the lunch rush, and I absolutely fell in love with the place.

The salads are so fresh and balanced (also filling because of the bit of quinoa they come with).

Their soups are always hardy, made of squash, pumpkin, lentils, etc.

The best is when it’s sunny out and you can enjoy your meal out on their cozy terrace! Le Fix is literally where I go get my healthy ‘fix’ and it’s such a joy to know that it’s just a two-minute walk down the street. Check it out for yourself!


The vintage meets modern decor is lovely!


The desserts are yummy, too.

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