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Verre à Monique: Creative Cocktails and Asian Takeout

Le Verre à Monique is a breath of fresh air. It is one of the few bars in Geneva with unassuming character. It’s not pompous either. The music playing in the background is alternative but soothing. The lighting and the comfy couches and chairs set the mood for drinking and talking with friends in hushed tones.

The bearded bartender whips up a mean cocktail: if you like tequila, I recommend the Hibiscus Margarita, the Cucumber Margarita and the Hummingbird. All fresh and expertly balanced so you barely taste the potent substances mixed in, but you sure do feel them.

Apart from the exquisitely extensive cocktail menu, you can also order yummy snacks (avocado-sour cream dip and pico de gallo with chips, veggie tacos, bellinis, etc.). And, if you’re in the mood for dumplings and other Asian delights, you can even order in! The Chinese restaurant across the streets delivers straight to your table at Le Verre: the bar of the future.

Le Verre à Monique is at: Rue des Savoises 19


Bitters galore!


Chinese takeout delivered to you!



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