Bars & Restos

Le Scandale for FDD: Food, Drink and Dance

Before checking out La Verre à Monique, one of my favorite places to grab drinks after work was Le Scandale. And it still is! It’s a great place to grab a bite to eat when you come out of work starving (If you like sweet and savory foods, check out their pear and goat cheese pizza!). The restaurant portion is in the front, as you walk in.

The extended bar is to the left and connects the dining area to a social space in the back featuring high tables, chairs and couches.

Downstairs is another area for sitting and drinking with not one but two bars! And this is the part of Le Scandale where the music is always playing loudly and people are actually dancing; the last time I was there, a karaoke competition was even going on.

Best part: the drinks are strong! It’s always a good time when you go to Le Scandale. It’s between the Mole and Gare Cornavin stops on the 15 tram. You can’t miss it!


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