Cutting your hair, for those of us that are low maintenance and avoid hairdressers at all costs, can be a traumatizing experience: going to a new hairdresser, wondering if he/she will understand what you really want and then cringing in your seat as you see him/her cut your hair in a completely different way than what you hoped for. I’m happy to say that I got my hair cut the other day and I actually felt good after the fact. I got it cut at Shine Coiffure, specifically the one that’s next to the Coop supermarket behind UNHCR on the Varambé side, close to the Nations area.

I chose Shine Coiffure because it obviously doesn’t get anymore convenient than that: it’s a 1-minute walk away and you can book your appointment online!

What made it even great was how quick and dirty the whole experience was: in less than 20 minutes I had my hair washed, cut and dried. The staff at Shine Coiffure is very responsive, too. Emilie (I think that was the name of my hairdresser) just ‘got it’.

Fifty-nine CHF later, I was a happy woman. It certainly wasn’t the cheapest option but I came out wanting to flip my hair at every person I knew – and that’s invaluable.