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Exquisite Merengues Aux Merveilleux de Fred

To cleanse our palates from ingesting those atrocities called ‘burgers’ at Holy Cow!, F and I made our way to the sweet and merengue wonderland just down the street and near the Plainpalais TPG stop: Aux Merveilleux de Fred.

Filipe chose the Incroyable (the Incredible) and I chose the Merveilleux (the Marvelous), two fluffy towers of merengue, wrapped in frosting and chocolate shavings (one white chocolate, the other milk chocolate). They were exquisite. I liked that the Incredible had hints of saccharine speculoos but preferred my choice ultimately which I felt was more balanced.

I wholly recommend going to Aux Merveilleux for a truly decadent dessert – I already dropped hints about where I want my birthday cake to come from 😉


It’s always fun to watch others create from the comfort of your table!


The Merveilleux (upper-left hand corner) and the Incroyable (lower left-hand corner).


The Merveilleux, close up.


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