Teppanyaki restaurants hold a special place in my heart. For two years now, I’ve walked past Sagano, thinking back to outings to Benihana with friends and family in the States – always for a special occasion. They say you shouldn’t play with your food but the one exception is when you’re cooking it on a grill!

Assuming it would be expensive, we always stayed away but on Monday, F and I gave in. Yet, much to our surprise, we basically got a four-course meal for lunch – for just 24CHF:

Miso soup

Maki rolls (with tuna + avocado + roe)

Teriyaki chicken + rice + beans sprouts and other veggies

Vanilla bean ice cream + rolled wafer

Everything was delicious and filling! The miso soup was balanced with citrus undertones; the maki rolls were fresh; the teriyaki children was scrumptious; and, the ice cream wafer combination was an absolute indulgence. Oishii! Yummy!

Uchitomi is best if you want to buy Japanese foods, goodies and sushi on the cheap but Sagano has a bit more ambience. Love and highly recommend them both!