In taking up the tradition of going to the Thursday market at Grottes, now that it’s springtime, F and I came across what we think is a new shop on one of the corners of the plaza called Nature en Vrac (Nature in Bulk?).

In the shop you’ll find all sorts of spices, oils, juices and more generally, all things natural. I think we may go back for a hot wine spice mix later on (didn’t get it and I’m still thinking about it!).

I was reluctant to go in because I knew that if I did, I wouldn’t resist buying something – and, of course, I left with a tagua ring. Tagua is extracted from palms to make a kind of ‘vegetable ivory’ (no need to cut off poor elephants’ tusks!). I recommend checking out if you’re the bio/organic-vegan/vegetarian-nature loving type.