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Swiss French love! On a renversé

Swiss French is full of its own idiosyncrasies. The Local recently published an article that points to eight aspects that make it special:

  1. The Swiss have an intuitive way to say 70, 80, and 90 (more on that here)
  2. ‘Franglais’ is acceptable; you’ll hear people refer to how they parquer rather than garer their car
  3. There’s a special word for a large beer (this one’s for you, beer lovers): une chope
  4. You can use Je me rejouis de to express looking forward to something
  5. When you ask for coffee and milk, you’ll get milk with coffee – not a café au lait but a renversé (reversed)
  6. Rather than Je vous en prie, you’ll often hear Service in response to your Merci by most in the service industry
  7. The four meals of the day: déjeuner, dinerquatre-heures (high tea), souper
  8. Swiss French is often spoken in a slower, clearer way (great for non-natives speakers!)