We stumbled into Chez Lin this past weekend after trying to make it to the MEG for the Nuit des Musées (Nights of Museums) event. The MEG was quite crowded when we arrived and our stomachs were grumbling loudly so we opted for dinner instead.

Chez Lin drew us in with its inviting outdoor seating. From the moment we sat down, we were impressed by the attentive, fast service and the extraordinary chopsticks (not those wooden ones you break apart yourself; they were plastic but had a beautiful engraved design!).  The plates that were brought to us on a heated platform before our dishes were served were also very pretty, white with blue Chinese motifs. So far, so good, we thought to ourselves.

Then the food came and we were even more delighted! I ordered a green curry with beef and F a plate of pork with honey – both delicious choices, within the 20 CHF price range and good portion sizes. We also asked for two small bowls of Cantonese rice on the side.

The big surprise came when we asked for our bill. We were charged 5 CHF for each small bowl of Cantonese rice – so we spent 10 CHF on rice only. It’s a bit of a ridiculous price, given that rice is not an expensive food staple and that without it, we probably would have had a hard time eating the curry and the pork (it’s essential!).

F fittingly said that Chez Lin should be BYOR: Bring Your Own Rice! I’m still feeling torn about the overall experience because I really enjoyed the meal but the price point for the rice was just abusive. If you make it to Chez Lin, BYOR or be prepared to pay the 10 CHF rice tax!