Jardin du Bonheur couldn’t be more conveniently located: opposite of Gare Cornavin and the tram 15 stop! When we’re craving Chinese, we usually end up there and we’re always pleased with our meal. However, this last time we came to a realization: if you exert yourself just a little more than usual and make it past the pre-set ‘menu’ on the first page, and order various dishes to share amongst a large group of friends, you come out winning. Unfortunately, we only reached enlightenment after our food had been served (better late than never I guess?).

While F got his lonely spring roll and I sipped on my tiny soup, our neighbors were being served mountains of rice, noodles, glazed meats, and then some.

Moral of the story: don’t pick the lowest hanging fruit – read the menu, the ‘great value’ meal may not be as good as you think! (Didn’t even need a fortune cookie to tell me that one!) Can’t wait to go back and order mounds of food.

We finally had our lightbulb (lantern) moment.