Café La Ferblanterie: Sweet Merlot & Friends

Despite trying to avoid the Plainpalais area, I ended up at Café La Ferblanterie last week with two good girlfriends (after going to the exhibition at Usine Kugler).

When you’re walking down the Rue de l’Ecole de Médicine, you will be immediately drawn in by the bar’s quirky decor: movie seats for chairs, watermelon walls, funky lamps and a decorative bar.


We had all had dinner so we decided to go for a wine – our waiter mentioned Merlot but we couldn’t find it anywhere on the menu.

“It’s new,” he said.

“We’ll take it,” we said, and never looked back.

I was smitten with the adorable lady bug on the label and more so after my first taste of the wine. Smooth and sweet is all I could ever ask for.


A friend ordered a delicious quiche – couldn’t tell you what was in it but it was super cheesy and very well received.

Overall, loved the vibe there and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an ‘alternative’-kind-of spot to go for a bite and a drink!



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