The Fête de l’Espoir is a Geneva staple. Every year the city puts on this free music festival, that feels more like a carnival because you’ll find yummy foods and people of all ages enjoying the festivities alongside one another on what looks like a high school campus near Bout-du-Monde.

Music-wise: when F and I arrived Zebda was playing and we were loving the rai music/Berber vibes. We wanted to stay for the Orchestre National De Barbès but some French guy named Cali (very famous apparently) was hogging up the stage rocking out to 80s-like ballads beyond his allotted time! It seemed that everyone was enjoying themselves though.

That Cali guy and everyone rocking out with him on stage! lol

Food-wise: went completely pigged out: started by munching on some cotton candy, couldn’t resist when we came across the churros, and topped the sweet extravaganza with a giant and savoury fried spring roll! Good thing there was FREE water for the taking (good thing Nestlé wasn’t organizing the event…).

Overall, the atmosphere was very open and enjoyable. For me especially it was a huge high school throwback! The track, the indoor gym where the concert was taking place – talk about taking a trip down memory lane!

As we were coming in, I noticed there were quite a few volunteers at the entrance asking for signatures for a petition to keep the Fête. I guess they were trying to shut it down? I hope it’s still around next year!


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