After a six-month hiatus, F and I have made our way back to Geneva – F for longer, me but a few days. Still, with a business meeting as the perfect excuse, we drove all the way to the other side (east) of Switzerland to the Canton of Grisons. We weren’t there for long but we stayed long enough to enjoy the 360 degree mountain views and explore a little bit of the capital of the Canton, Chur (more on that later!).

Of course we couldn’t leave without trying the regional dish: capuns. We stopped at one of the few restaurants in the heart of Chur that was open on a Monday evening and had capuns on its menu, Ristorante Ticino. Capuns are rolled Swiss chard leaves stuffed with Spätzle dough and dried meat, served in a light gravy sauce – almost like Swiss spring roll! It was quite savory and delicious.


Another highlight of the night was the Hacktätschli mit Rotweinsauce und Kartoffelstock, i.e. meat cakes with red wine sauce and mashed potatoes. The beef was so flavorful and the meat cakes were as moist as ever!


Don’t miss these two delicacies of Grisons if you’re every in the area!